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David Allen March 6, 2012 0

iPad 3 Rumors Going Wild Before Event

apple logo

It’s nearly zero hour for every Apple fan under the sun. At this point, popular consensus suggests Apple will unveil its iPad 3 this Wednesday. As for what the tech giant has up its sleeves, only time will tell.

Fingers crossed Apple won’t release the iPad 2S, because of the backlash and widespread disappointment last time … over what was never promised to begin with.

The event is in San Francisco, and the latest iPad isn’t technically confirmed to be revealed. The media invitation describes the ordeal as something you’ll “have to see. And touch.”

Apple has an uncanny ability to send people into a rumor-frenzy prior to their official unveilings. This one is no different.

Here are some popular rumors circulating the Internet regarding iPad’s latest golden child:

1. The iPad 3 will have a retina display.

The current iPad screens have a resolution of 1024 x 768. A retina display will double that, making its image quality sharper than a Ginsu knife (do they still make those?) Look for Android competitors to fall in line.

2. The iPad 3 will have a faster, quad-core processor.

New year, new processor. This is probably a given because every other tablet manufacturer is racing to be the latest and greatest. Apple has likely followed suit here, but don’t expect any “next generation” technology here. Remember, Apple wants to keep its price point at least halfway reasonable for the common consumer to buy.

3. The iPad 3 will have a better camera.

It’s no secret — the iPad 2 camera kinda stinks. Expect Apple to refine the camera much like the iPhone 4S.

4. Siri will make its first appearance on iPad.

Why you’d need it, we aren’t sure … but Siri will likely poke her disembodied head into Apple’s latest foray. Voice recognition is nothing new, but Siri is quasi-refined and could help with directions and people who don’t feel like typing.


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